Elcometer – Turning Subjective into Objective

Last week, we had the honor of being part of the jury for Spain Skills, a biennial competition that brings together young professionals in automotive painting, who will shape the future of our industry.

In the final evaluations, two products from Elcometer Inspection Equipment played a crucial role: the Elcometer 415T dry film thickness gauge and the Elcometer 480T gloss meter.

We used the Elcometer 415T thickness gauge to assess the uniformity of the painting. We conducted 15 measurements across the entire surface of the painted piece and focused on the "standard deviation" value provided by the 415T. The lower this value, the more uniform the painting, and thus, the higher the score for the competitor.

Similarly, we used the Elcometer 480T gloss meter to obtain an objective evaluation of the finish quality achieved by each participant.

Subjective concepts such as painting uniformity or appearance, which are typically evaluated by eye, are transformed into objective assessments thanks to Elcometer's measurement equipment. This way, we turn the subjective into objective.

The representative from Cantabria achieved the highest score in the combined assessment of gloss and uniformity, earning his institute the Elcometer prize: an Elcometer 3 inspection kit.


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