Sagola's range of double diaphragm pneumatic pumps is the best choice for demanding automotive body industries.

Ideal for continuous production sessions where stopping to refill a can or tank is not an option.

This pneumatic equipment with double diaphragm is designed for high productions. It has the capacity to operate multiple spray guns simultaneously (double outlet version).

It offers easy handling, low air consumption, and high performance. It requires minimal cost and maintenance.

With a flow rate of 40 L/min, it is designed to meet the needs of small metal, plastic, wood, and high-level industrial bodywork industries.

Suitable for products such as lacquers, varnishes, two-component paints, dyes, enamels, primers, adhesives, and other medium viscosity products in general.

Weight (Pump) 18 Kg.
Dimensions (standard) 46.5 x 50.1 x 95.2 cm.
Maximum air consumption 580 L/min
Maximum air inlet pressure 7 bar
Maximum free flow 40 L/min.
Maximum working temperature 60 °C
Air inlet connection 1/4” BSP Female
Product inlet connection 1/2” BSP Male
Product outlet connection 3/8” BSP Male
Code Version
30910101 Double Diaphragm Aluminium
30910102 Subassembly D.m. Abrasives Products
30920401 DM 1/400 Trolley+suction Probe
30920402 DM 1/400 Trolley+tank
30920403 DM 1/400 Trolley+suction Probe Abrasives
30920404 DM 1/400 Trolley+suction Probe(2 Output)
30920406 DM 1/400 Wall Support+suction Probe
30920407 DM 1/400 Wall Support+tank
30920499 Dm 01/400 Complete Equipment