Hose sets for low pressure equipments.
Lightweight and flexible hose.
Nylon product hose 6x8 mm. with quick connect terminals.
Adapter 3/8" female for pressure sprayguns.
EPDM rubber Anti-static air hose 8x15 mm. with high security crimped ends 1/4” F.
Nylon protective cover of high resistance to friction and abrasion.


Product hose
DIN 73378

Air hose
UNE-EN 559

ISO 6945

Dimensions (Air hose) 8x15 mm.
Dimensions product hose 6x8 mm.
Diameter inside cover 23 mm.
Working pressure (Air hose) 20 bar
Working pressure (Poduct hose) 18 bar
Breaking strain (Air hose) 60 bar
Material air hose (Inside) EPDM
Material Air hose (outside) Textile reinforcement
Material product hose Polyamide PA12
Curvature range (Air hose) 20 mm.
Curvature range (product hose) 30 mm.
Connection (Air hose) 1/4"
Connection (Product hose) 3/8" racord
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