Meets all the advantages of the two most complete machines in the range Sagola: Sagola Aqua Plastic (water) and Sagola Compact 235 (solvent).

Designed with full equipment to offer an integrated solution offering optimum cleaning of guns which work with the new range of paints, waterborne basecoats and clearcoats and HS single stage paints.

Atomizer venturi.

Auto-extraction of solvent vapors.

Blowgun for drying the gun interior areas.

Gun with coupling to clean interior areas.

Filter mat for residues.

Made of stainless steel.

Solvent area: Recirculation solvent automatic cycle (timer). Automatic final cycle of clean solvent. Manual cleaning brush. Final cleaning with clean solvent spraying. Auto-extraction of solvent vapors.

Water area: Allows to clean easily of the dirty water, mixing it with the floculant through a pneumatic system. This way it separates completely the paint and pigment residues. Blowgun for drying.

Dimensions 1.500 x 1.000 x 660 mm
Weight 90 Kg
Sustainable load 2 guns
Solvent area volume 50 Litres
Water area volume 30 Litres
Water/solvent pump flow 5 L/min
Working pressure 6 - 7 bar
CE Certification YES
Code Version
40000201 Doble 250 Spray Gun Washer